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Street Fighter: The Roleplaying Game

Character Creation Steps

The following steps will help guide players through all the stages of character creation. Many of the steps are taken from the Core Rulebook and use its base numbers. Adjust as needed to fit the desired power level for the campaign.

Step 1: Character Concept

At this stage the character is little more then a line or two with maybe a name and a style. The more detail that is put into this step, the easier the rest of character creation will be. You should have some basic desires and goals for the character already in mind.

If you want to use the Heritage Table to guide the character creation process this is the step to make that roll.

Step 2: Nature and Demeanor

Nature represents the character's core personality while demeanor is the face they present to the world at large. These should fit with the concept outlined in step 1 and will be used to as one determining factor for recovering temporary Willpower. Try to choose a combination you think you can handle roleplaying because once set it's difficult to change.

Step 3: Select Attributes

The first dot of all attributes are always free. Prioritize the three categories, physical, social, and mental. You have nine (9) points for the primary category, five (5) for the secondary one, and only three (3) for the weakest set.

Step 4: Select Traits

Traits are Talents, Knowledges, and Skills. You will prioritize them just like you did with Attributes with 9, 7, and 4 points to spend per category, respectively.

Step 5: Merits and Flaws

Before buying anything else it would be prudent to take care of Merits and Flaws, if desired. A standard beginning character may have up to 7 points of Merits and 10 points worth of Flaws. You want to do this step now so that you don't have to go back later and adjust a bunch of numbers.

Step 6: Backgrounds

You start with 5 points to spend on Backgrounds. Choose wisely. The first dot in your School background is always free. You may only have rank one Katas as a beginning fighter.

Step 7: Techniques

You have 8 points with which to spend on Technique dots.

Step 8: Renown

All beginning fighters have 3 dots to place as they see fit in Honor and Glory.

Step 9: Chi, Willpower, and Health

Your starting Chi and Willpower are determined by your main Style. Please see the table on page 38 of the Core Rulebook for the base styles. All styles have a maximum of 7 points divided between the two scores. Fighters who choose Dirty Fighting may allocate these 7 points as desired with a minimum of one dot per.

Each starting Street Fighter has 10 health levels to begin with. More may be purchased with Freebie Points.

Step 10: Special Maneuvers

You have seven (7) power points with which to buy special maneuvers. The following are basic maneuvers and cost nothing: Short, Forward, Roundhouse, Jab, Strong, Fierce, Throw, Grab, Jump, Move, Taunt, and Sprint.

As you buy maneuvers fill out combat cards or a combat chart for use during play. Beginning characters may not start with modified maneuvers.

Step 11: Finishing Touches

To finish rounding out the character you have 15 Freebie Points to allocate according to the following conversion process:

Attributes and Techniques = 5 per dot
Power Points and Backgrounds = 3 per dot
Abilities, Health, Willpower, and Chi = 2 per dot
Temporary Renown and other traits = 1 per dot

Any steps that were skipped or left incomplete must now be finished. If you want a certain elemental type you must also choose it before play begins.